Wednesday, 4 January 2012

What do to with this blog now that I've realised I'm too lazy to review books?

When I first decided to make a blog spot account I created this blog and a personal blog, I had loads of free time and fairly good intentions.  I hide my personal blog after realisation that I had posted far too many rants about people I knew in real life and they were likely to stumble across it at some point. 

I also created a movie review blog, which I quickly discovered was far easier to screencap and writing a movie review or doing a top ten list typically takes about four hours, but a full book review can take days to weeks, depending on how fast I read the book and, arguably, how good it is.  (Bad books take longer, because generally you're angrier about it and have a lot more to say.)

So what to do?

One of my online hobbies is reading up on old fandom controversies and, indeed, new controversies.  The Rob Granito stuff had me entertained for weeks and the recent shoving match between Penny Arcade and @OceanMarketting [sic] had me in heaps of chuckles. 

The thing is that other people, more talented people, people who were there at the time, have gone over and over this stuff and a lot of it is old news.  At one point I thought about going through Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments trilogy and trying to figure out how much of it she'd genuinely made up and how much I could identify as scenes from Harry Potter and Buffy, but then I realised I'd be more or less typing up her entire book and quite frankly I couldn't be bothered. 

Then I thought about going through the Draco Trilogy and trying to identify all the stolen material and figuring out just how much she actually wrote herself, because my suspicions have been that if you took out all the stolen material you'd be left with about 3000 words and some author's notes.  At this point though, 2012, the Draco Trilogy is largely forgotten about and it's online availability is very small and who would really care?  Those who know that she stole massive chunks of text are well aware that there's probably a lot that isn't discovered and those who like to live in blissful ignorance and like to pretend that she didn't steal on such a massive scale wouldn't want to read it anyway.

I did find a few old files that I'd transferred from an old laptop that were labelled 'Draco D' and 'Draco S' respectively that I'd been keeping whilst reading those fanfics and were full of unattributed quotes.  I never did finish reading Draco Veritas as by that point I was full of rage by the sheer number of stolen Babylon 5 quotes.  One day I might actually do something like that, but I doubt it.

One thing I do have is a stack of books shoved under the bed that I had started reading, then subsequently stopped reading for various reasons.  Life's too short to read shit books and a lot of them I'd given up on for having crappy plots or terrible POV transitions. 

So I'm still debating what to do with this blog.  I'll have a think.

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