Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Number Three - Practical Solutions

StoryPractical Solutions

Author: Aurette

Fandom:  Harry Potter

Stats:  4 Chapters, 18,341 words, Published in 2011, Pairing HG/SS

Summary:  Now I feel a bit bad for selecting this one, the lovely Jennifer Mabe gave me a quite a nice list of rec's from Harry Potter and Twilight and she gave me a strong recommendation for the author and suggested the fic Of Muggles and Magic.  So I followed the link and clicked to the authors page so I could read what the synopsis was for the story and realised that it was a Regency HG/SS fic that was 192k long.  Now weirdly, although I am proud to sail aboard the great ship Dramione, I have a bit of a soft spot for HG/SS fics, their authors tend to be a little older and therefore the stories are often really quite good and usually have more plot to them than just snogging in a cupboard.  That being said, I'm not a huge fan of Regency fics and though I'm supposed to be using this to branch out and read stuff I wouldn't normally read, a 192k Regency fic might not quite be the right place for me to start.  So, instead I selected the next one of this author's list, which is Practical Solutions and for the Regency, there was another one on the list which was a Dramione, so I'll probably give that one a go instead as it's also a bit shorter....  only 155k...  *gulp*

"Hermione doesn't have time for a relationship. Snape doesn't have the patience. It's a good thing they are not having one..."  Is the summary for this fic.  It also contains a warning that it's shameless, smutty, fluff.  Ah smutty fan fiction, the internet's female equivalent to tentacle porn.  This fic is indeed shameless, smutty, fluff, utterly shameless.  Snape and Hermione are quite out of character, but I really didn't mind as this fic is quite hilarious.

About 3 paragraphs I began copy/pasting all my favourite quotes so I could share at least one, then the entire thing became far too long and I spent ages going over the list trying to decide what my favourite line was.  Eventually I settled on this:

""Why? Did I excite you?"

"You? No. Little PVC skirts sans knickers? I'm a simple man, Granger. Umbridge would excite me in that get-up.""

The basic story is that Hermione and Snape hook up due to mutual horniness and disinterest in relationships, it's a nice, little, fluffy, smut piece, which should capture the attention of any Hermione/Snape fan.  It's funny and well written and I think I feel safe in recommending it to all. 

Rating:  8 out of 10


  1. If you ever get a chance, I do recommend Of Muggles and Magic. The Wizarding world never really changes much, so even though it is regency era, it isn't overwhelming. I pretty much recommend anything that author writes, I have read all of the stories and I don't think I didn't like a single one. :) I am glad you at least gave it a chance!

  2. I recommend this one by Aurette: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7093944/1/Yea_Though_I_Walk

    it isn't just mindless smut and it isn't super long, only about 55k.

    1. I've actually exchanged a few emails with the fantabulous Aurette since reading this story and Yea, Though I Walk is on the list for some time, possibly the next few, I've had some net connection issues and it's been all I can do to not kill my router in frustration, lol. Really glad you recc'd her, she's pretty amazing as writers go.