Friday, 6 January 2012

Okay, forget books, how about One Year 200 Fanfics?

So I had a sort of epiphany whilst eating toast and trying not to trip over the cat.  Knowing that I am, Mr Lazy incarnate and any good intentions I have at the start of the year to read 100 books will likely be thwarted by issues of money and not wanting to get off my bum to go to the town centre and buy more books - I couldn't make such an excuse with fan fiction. 

Fanfic is readily available all over the internet, which is where I'm living these days, it's free and it comes for just about every fandom you could think of from Archie comics to the Vampire Chronicles - (that's a little fandom joke, people.)

While some stories might struggle to hit 5k, I've read a good few 300k+ in my day and some of them, regardless of length have been a lot better than books I've spent hard earned money on.  A lot of them have not.  That's the beauty of fan fiction though. 

So here are the rules, and I'm asking (read: begging) for recs, because whilst I could just sift my way through the first 200 fanfics I find, I'd much rather read ones which have come recommended. 

1.  No fanfics from authors who have banned fan fiction, list here.

2.  The story must be complete, no exceptions.

3.  I must not have already read it, to count it on the list.  (If you recommend something I've read, I'll start making a little list at the bottom of the post.)

4.  It must be a minimum of 1000 words, longer stories are better, but I don't want to discount a truly excellent story just because it might be only 3000 words long. 

5.  It must be in English.

Guidelines for recommendations

* I'm operating on an honour system that you don't recommend a fan fiction that you've written yourself, it's kind of tacky to do that. 

* My main fandom is Harry Potter, but I have quite a wide range of interests so I will accept recommendations for pretty much any fandom I at least have a base knowledge of.  If I don't have a clue about it, I will start compiling a little list at the bottom on this post, because it will do me no good to get 200 recs for the Digimon fandom, when I've never watched an episode in my life and don't plan to start now. 

And that's it!  No need to get too bogged down in rules, I think.  Let the reading begin!


  1. To quote Harry Potter, British people, etc, I think this is Brilliant! I'll definitely be checking in on you throughout the year, and I hope you'll do the same for me. Accountability helps. Pace yourself. Remember to hydrate. Take walks. All that.

  2. - and everything else this author writes, fantastic HP fanfic - same as above!

    This is Twilight, and you may not like that story line, but I would really recommend giving this a chance as their are no vampires and the author's writing is really good! - this one gets the same comments as the one above - also Twilight, but still really good, the other works by this author are enjoyable as well. - this one is also Twilight, but it is fun and silly

    here is a link to my account there, it has all of my favorites listed (obviously there are a lot, but feel free to browse and read the summaries to see if they interest you, as they are on my favorite list for a reason):

  3. @CDeagle, thanks so much! I'm not going to try and push myself too hard, I've got to figure a way to getting myself to do at least one movie review a week as well as my schedule dropped off drastically last year due to pictionary related injuries, net issues and that pesky leaving the house malarky, but I figure this is much more productive than spending my nights reading and playing Batman: Arkham Asylum for the umpteenth time.

  4. @Jennifer - you are wonderful, let me send you many, many internet cookies. Thank you so much. I've noted your rec's and at some point this evening take a look at your favourites list also. I shall admit, I'm not a Twilight fan, but I do know a great deal about the fandom so that should be a good one for me to go to for fics.

    I'm going to post this reply on your latest blog entry as well as here, I hope you don't mind, for reasons completely unknown to me sometimes blogsopt completely ignores me and instead of direct replying, it just posts my replies as a generic comment.

    If you have any more rec's or know anyone who wants to pimp a particularly beloved fic then please push them in my general direction.