Thursday, 21 April 2011

Submission Guidelines

Ignore all this, I'm probably not going to be reviewing books for a while

Please read these thoroughly before submitting a book to be reviewed.

1.  Fiction books of any genre are accepted, for non fiction please send an inquiry email to see if it is something that I will be able to honestly review.

2.  All reviews are final, but my isn't the only opinion on the internet.  I actively encourage you to get as many opinions as possible.

3.  Electronic submissions are preferable via email attachment, .DOC, .PDF, .RTF or a smashwords coupon code.  Gifting via amazon is also acceptable.  If you wish to send a physical copy, rather than submitting electronically, then it must be gifted via amazon, but electronic submission is preferred.

4.  Please ensure that the version submitted is the final version of your book.

5.  I only accept submissions from the author, publisher or a representative of the author, at my own disrection I may review books which have not been submitted.

6.  Authors understand that upon submission for review, they are giving permission for me to quote small excerpts from their book. 

7.  Along with your submission, please include the following information, a link to the author's website, a brief author bio and links to where the book is available to buy.

All inquiries and submissions should be sent to Benthebook (at) gmail (dot) com

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