Thursday, 21 April 2011

A guide to reviews

I try to review as fairly as possible, I will say what I like about a book and what I dislike, just because I dislike something though, doesn't mean it's bad.  Everything is down to personal taste and I try to be as fair as possible.

Review layout:

Author:  A brief author bio and a link to the author's website.

Blurb:  A brief description of the book.

Review:  The review of the book itself.

Star rating.

I will give a book a star rating as many other review sites, such as Amazon have them and so have tried to base my star rating on their system.

1 star * I strongly dislike this book, it has serious flaws.

2 stars ** I dislike this book, it has strong flaws, but it has some positive qualities.

3 stars ***  This is a decent book, although some may really enjoy it, it would have noticeable flaws, these may be with the plot or characters or editing, for example, but it should be evident from the review.

4 stars ****  This is a good book, I recommend it.

5 stars *****  I love it, if the description and genre appeals to you, you should buy it.

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